Seafood Grilling Recipes


Bright citrus and high-quality spices add exciting new twists to grilled seafood. Explore the goodness of these fresh, summertime grilled seafood recipes.

Brian Samuels


Brian Samuels | A Thought For Food

Brian Samuels knows about making seafood that tastes — and looks — great. From his home in Boston, Mass., this self-described "adventurous pescatarian" cooks, writes about, and photographs food for his blog, A Thought For Food. Brian creates seafood dishes ranging from indulgent to simple, enjoying every bite.


Frontier is committed to providing pure organic seasonings that taste great and promote healthy communities, as well as a healthy planet. We source our spices from growers committed to quality, sustainability and ethical trade. Working hand-in-hand with our growers, we strive to build and foster partnerships that positively impact communities around the globe — all while providing the highest quality products to our customers.

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